Complimentary Financial Viability Assessment 

Growth and Rewrite Opportunities for McDonald's Franchisees Start Here


If you’re planning for growth and rewrite opportunities, McDonald's has a question:

Are you financially viable to qualify for an opportunity?”


With our help, you can give them "Your Number" and your plan with confidence. Concannon Miller’s proprietary Financial Viability Assessment for McDonald's franchisees is more than just a score - it's a roadmap for your future.

Using your financial statement and key ratios, we’ll give you more than your FVA number, we'll also point out strengths, weaknesses, trends, sensitivity and recommend opportunities for improvements.

Even better – our confidential computations, analyses, recommendations and discussions are at no cost or obligation.

It's simple to get started. Simply complete and submit the form on the right and let's get started with your FVA - get ready for the growth and rewrite opportunities you seek.